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Arches National Park

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    • Help to Build a Solar Dehydrator in Moab
      Guest Contributors: Roslynn Brain McCann & Kate Weigel Moab is experiencing a rebirth of our local food movement, which is part of a trend occurring nationally under COVID-19. Gardening pages on social media are seeing unprecedented traffic, and groups such as the Moab Foodies are sharing […]
    • The town of Moab.A Foodie’s Guide to The Best Places to Eat in Moab
      After a long day of adventures on the trails, on the river, or exploring the national parks, a satisfying meal is non-negotiable. Fortunately, Moab offers a plethora of great dining options that belie its small-town status. With offerings from breakfast to BBQ and food trucks to fancy fine dining […]
    • Red desert flowersDiscover the Best Time to Visit Moab
      For most of us Moab conjures thoughts of warm days spent hiking, biking, floating, or simply basking in the sun perched on a red rock. It’s true, the summer months are the most popular time of year to visit; but the city is brimming with things to do year-round. New adventures ebb and flow with the […]
    • Mark and Mya Visit Moab
      Guest Journalist: Mark Payne In 2017 I flew from Australia to North America for the trip of a lifetime, the only difference between me and thousands of other Aussies, is I choose to take my dog along for the adventure. Since then we have traveled almost 80,000 km throughout North America. We have […]
    • 11 Pet Friendly Hotels in Moab
      If you’re anything like us, you probably think that a day spent exploring with your pup is as good as things get. Moab is full of stunning red rock views, great hikes, and charming local shops for you and your pets to visit. You could start off with a three-mile hike out to the picturesque Corona […]
    • See the Stars Like Never Before at Moab’s Dark-Sky Parks
      For people who have spent most of their lives living in or near a city, looking up to see the night sky in all its galactic glory is a truly awe-inspiring experience. The total absence of light pollution in designated dark-sky areas makes for an all-natural light show unlike anything you’ll […]
    • Poison Spider Bicycles
      All of Moab’s Bicycle shops have remarkable stories to tell.  This month we are focusing on Poison Spider Bicycles.  The Poison Spider Bicycles story began in 1988 when Judy and Chuck Nichols brought their tour company to Moab and started Canyon Country Bed & Breakfast, Moab’s first […]
    • Moab Giants Dinosaur Park – A First-of-its Kind Worldwide!
      Not only is it set among some of the world’s most breathtaking scenery in Moab, Utah, but it is also a unique experience of the ages. Make your tracks alongside our state-of-the-art, life-size dinosaurs in the land they called home! Moab Giants is the ultimate place to discover the past with […]
    • Moab Taiko Dan
      The TAIKO, a traditional Japanese drum, is perhaps the most primal of all instruments. In ancient Japan, the TAIKO was the symbol of the rural community. The farthest distance at which the TAIKO could be heard determined the boundary of the village. Experiencing the primal sounds of the drum may […]
    • Moab Area in WinterPedal, Hike and Eat Your Way Through Moab’s Winter Season
      Moab, Utah is one of my favorite travel destinations–a scenic and wickedly fun adventure hub. While it lures visitors throughout the year, wintertime is a magical season to visit. I always wanted to see the red rock country in the winter, and I was delighted with what else I experienced […]
    • Visit Moab Like a Local
      There’s no place on Earth quite like Moab, Utah—it’s why millions of people flock here every year from every corner of the planet to hike, bike, raft, off-road, and generally enjoy the otherworldly scenery and unique terrain. In fact, some of us love it so much that we live here […]
    • Planning a Long Fall Weekend in Moab? Here’s Where to Go!
    • Moab Brands TrailsNew to Mountain Biking in Moab? Try These Beginner-Friendly Rides
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