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Discover Moab Explores Paris: Insights from a Sales and Media Mission

In a strategic effort to bolster tourism from France, Melissa Stocks, Assistant Marketing Director of Discover Moab, embarked on a Sales and Media Mission to Paris from January 22 to 26. Collaborating with the Utah Offices of Tourism and other destination marketing organizations (DMOs), the mission aimed to foster relationships with key travel agencies and journalists, unveiling Moab’s offerings to the French market.

During her time in Paris, Melissa Stocks engaged with 14 prominent travel agencies and met with 10 influential journalists from various magazines. These interactions provided invaluable insights into the preferences and expectations of the French clientele, shaping the strategies for attracting them to Moab.

French Sales Mission
French Sales Mission

Key Client Preferences

Travel Timing French clients show a preference for traveling to Moab during the months of April and October, aligning with favorable weather conditions and fewer crowds.

Accommodation Requirements There is a notable demand for accommodations offering inclusive amenities such as breakfast and access to a pool, catering especially to families with children.

Cultural and Recreational Interests

French visitors exhibit a keen interest in participating in a range of cultural and recreational events, spanning arts festivals, music festivals, school sports games, rodeos, car shows, and more.

Sustainability Programs

Clients express eagerness to learn about Moab’s sustainability initiatives, with a focus on programs like Science Moab, Leave No Trace, and Trail Ambassadors, indicating a growing trend towards responsible tourism.

Anticipation for New Travel Routes

The imminent introduction of a new flight route from Paris to Phoenix to Moab has sparked excitement among clients, highlighting their desire for seamless and convenient travel options to the region.

French Sales Mission
French Sales Mission

In addition to the Sales Mission activities, attendees had the privilege of participating in Utah’s 100th Anniversary of Film and TV Celebration. This momentous occasion featured a convivial cocktail party, followed by a screening of the iconic film Thelma & Louise, complemented by a presentation of the book A la vie à la mort, sur la route avec Thelma et Louise by authors Marine Sanclemente and Catherine Faye. Each guest received an autographed copy of the book, rounding off the evening on a memorable note.

As Discover Moab continues to cultivate relationships and tailor its offerings to the preferences of the French market, the stage is set for an influx of visitors seeking luxury experiences, outdoor adventures, and cultural immersion in the stunning landscapes of Moab, Utah.

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