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Rock Art Protection

Rock art sites located on federal lands are of national significance and are protected areas. These remarkable artistic creations are incredibly delicate, and any damage inflicted upon them is irreversible. It is crucial to refrain from touching the rock surfaces at these sites, as even a single handprint can have lasting chemical effects on the art.

The preservation of these fragile and beautiful remnants from the past is our responsibility, and we must exercise caution to ensure that future generations can marvel at them as well. If you happen to encounter rock art during your travels around the Moab area, please observe the following precautions diligently:

Site Visiting Etiquette

  • Don’t touch, in any way, the rock art or surfaces around it. The oils in your skin may cause damage to rock art. Don’t apply any substance to the rock art surface, including water or any other fluids. Don’t trace images with sticks, stones, chalk, or other substances.
  • Scratching on rocks causes irreparable damage and is illegal.
  • Don’t attempt to remove graffiti, chalking, lichen, bird droppings, or anything else from rock art.
  • Don’t collect or disturb artifacts or features at a rock art site. It is acceptable to pick up surface artifacts, examine and enjoy them, or make sketches or take photos of them, as long as they’re returned to the place where found, and no damage is done to the artifact.
  • Don’t remove soil to expose subsurface rock art or archeology.
  • Minimize the number of vehicles going to a site. Stay on existing roads and trails. Do not “pioneer” vehicle trails or parking areas. By disturbing rocks, vegetation, or biological soil crusts you may cause unknowing damage to fragile archaeological sites.
  • Don’t camp or build fires within 1/4 mile of a rock art site, even if the landowner or public land manager permits camping.
  • Don’t allow children, pets, or inattentive people to behave carelessly around rock art sites. Kicking up dust or dislodging rocks can cause damage to the site.
  • Please remember that many living people consider these sites sacred.
  • Speak out when needed to prevent damage to rock art. Report new rock art destruction, charcoal near the site, or site vandalism to the Archaeological Resources Protection Act hotline @ 1-800-227-7286.

Sustainable Recreation

The fragility of our public lands, shaped over millions of years, calls for your thoughtful approach while exploring Moab. We kindly request that you engage in responsible recreation during your visit, demonstrating respect, protection, and preservation for our awe-inspiring landscape. By recreating responsibly in Moab, you contribute to the continuity of the incredible experiences enjoyed by both current and future generations. Click on the symbol below to delve deeper into this important topic.

Recreate Responsibly


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