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Skydiving in Moab


For many, skydiving is a once in a lifetime adventure. Others continue on to become licensed skydivers that jump all over the US and the world. In either case, making that first skydive is an experience you will never forget! Moab’s spectacular canyon country offers the perfect backdrop to make this exciting event even more unforgettable!

Tandem Skydiving

Today’s most innovative and popular way to make your first jump! Learn how to exit the aircraft, freefall techniques, and body position for freefall and landing. Tandem instruction uses the dual instruction approach similar to learning how to fly an airplane and your tandem instructor will be there to back you up through all phases of your skydive. The 30-minute plane ride to altitude allows you to view all the wonders of the area. The heart of the beautiful red rock canyon country of southeastern Utah and breathtaking mountains will surely enhance your experience. Tandem jumping is such an incredible experience; you will get the high-speed thrill of freefall, followed by the serenity and beauty of the parachute ride. Whether you are planning to become a skydiver or just want to experience the thrill of skydiving, this is a great introduction into the exciting world of freefall skydiving!

Experienced Skydivers

All skydivers are welcome! With this convenient location in the heart of the beautiful red rock canyon country of southeastern Utah, Moab offers the perfect landscape and climate for skydiving.

Click here for a complete list of Moab companies that offer skydiving.

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