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Scenic Flights


The wild and untamed landscape of southern Utah contains some of the most rugged and inaccessible terrain in the country. Visitors to this area are awestruck by the enormity of the landscape – its vast size and colossal dimensions are overwhelming to the senses. Taking it all in during a brief visit is impossible – exploring this spectacular landscape can take a lifetime. However, even an hour-long scenic flight will allow you to experience thousands of square miles of ruggedly spectacular canyon country! No other mode of transportation will allow you to see so much in so short a period of time.

Photos courtesy of Redtail Air and Tom Till Photography.

A scenic flight over the Canyonlands Region can be the perfect compliment to any vacation. A birds-eye view of our unique terrain is the perfect way to put your entire visit into perspective. Peer down on the enormous canyons cut by the Colorado and Green River over millions of years. Experience the remoteness, desolation, and unspoiled beauty of hundreds of square miles of pure wilderness. Fly around magnificent mesas, buttes, pinnacles, and spires. Journey back in time as eons of geological evolution, often perplexing from the ground, are clearly revealed from the air. From your aerial vantage point, suspended in time and space over a truly remarkable one-of-a-kind landscape, take a respite from the routine of daily life and let your spirit soar!

Photos courtesy of Redtail Air and Tom Till Photography.

Click here for a list of Moab area scenic flight companies.

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