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Scenic Flights


The untamed wilderness of southern Utah encompasses some of the most rugged and challenging terrain in the nation. Those who venture to this remarkable region are immediately struck by the sheer magnitude of the landscape. Its vast expanses and colossal dimensions can be overwhelming to the senses. Attempting to absorb it all in a short visit is an impossible feat, as exploring this awe-inspiring terrain could span a lifetime of discovery. However, a mere hour-long scenic flight presents an extraordinary opportunity to immerse yourself in thousands of square miles of rugged and spectacular canyon country. No other mode of transportation can offer such an extensive and breathtaking glimpse of this remarkable landscape within such a brief timeframe.

Photos courtesy of Redtail Air and Tom Till Photography.

Embarking on a scenic flight over the Canyonlands Region is the perfect complement to your vacation. It offers a birds-eye view that provides invaluable perspective on the unique terrain you’ve been exploring. Gaze down upon the immense canyons carved by the Colorado and Green Rivers over countless millennia. Witness the vast expanse of untouched wilderness, experiencing its remote and desolate beauty across hundreds of square miles. Soar above magnificent mesas, buttes, pinnacles, and spires, marveling at their grandeur from a new perspective. As you journey through time, the intricate layers of geological evolution, often perplexing from the ground, unfold clearly before you from the air. Embracing this extraordinary aerial vantage point, suspended in time and space above a truly remarkable and unparalleled landscape, allow yourself to escape the routines of daily life and let your spirit soar freely. It’s a transformative experience that will forever be etched in your memory.

Photos courtesy of Redtail Air and Tom Till Photography.

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