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Poop in Moab

How to Properly Dispose of Human Waste in the Moab Area

Disposing of Human Waste in the Moab Area

Whenever possible, use developed toilet facilities (see map below for vault toilet locations.) When developed facilities are not available, all solid waste should be packed out in approved waste bags. Human waste is a serious health issue in the backcountry. To make carrying out human waste easy and safe, the use of a W.A.G. bag (Waste Alleviation and Gelling Bags) is recommended. W.A.G. Bags are spill proof, puncture proof and zipper closed. W.A.G. Bags must be disposed of in W.A.G. Bag equipped locations in Moab.

What is a W.A.G. Bag

When hiking, backpacking, biking, driving where toilet facilities are not available, the most convenient and sustainable option is purchasing a W.A.G. Bag: a double-walled, self-closing human waste container complete with crystals or gels to neutralize the dangerous pathogens in human waste, allowing direct disposal into approved W.A.G. Bag Disposal Bins after use. W.A.G. bags tuck easily into a pack, and one bag is good for about three to four uses.

Where to Purchase W.A.G. Bags in the Moab Area

W.A.G. Bags can be purchased at the following locations in Moab:

Do not dispose of W.A.G. Bags in regular trash cans. In order to reduce exposure to biohazards, it is a priority for our local solid waste handler to reduce the amount of human waste that is handled by their staff members and introduced to various types of equipment. W.A.G. Bags should be brought directly to any of the disposal bins listed below.

W.A.G. Bag Disposal Bin
W.A.G. Bag Disposal Bin – At 5 convenient locations in Moab (see below).

Where to Dispose of W.A.G. Bags in Moab

Grand County Transit Hub
Intersection of Highways 191 and 128 (“River Road”)
Available 24/7

Lions Park
Intersection of Highways 191 and 128 (“River Road”)
Available 24/7

SE Utah Health Department
575 Kane Creek Blvd, Moab, UT 84532
Available 24/7

Wastewater Reclamation Facility
1070 W 400 N, Moab, UT 84532
7:00 AM – 5:00 PM Monday-Friday

Moab Transfer Station
2295 S Hwy 191 (3 Miles South of Moab)

  • 24/7 dumping for individuals. (Go inside during operating hours. A bin will be outside after hours.)
  • Commercial tour operators can only dump during operating hours. 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM (Monday – Friday), 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM (Saturday), Closed Sunday. Fees apply.

What NOT to put in W.A.G. Bag Disposal Bins

  1. W.A.G. bags only. Spill-proof, zipper-closed, commercially made Waste and Gelling Bags ONLY.
  2. NO Do-It-Yourself bags. Empty their contents into a toilet, tie the bag securely then put it into a regular trash bin.
  3. Do not empty your toilet buckets or cassette toilets into the bins. Flush normal amounts of poop, pee and toilet paper down a toilet.
  4. NO dog poop. Tie the bag securely, then put it in the regular trash. Do not throw dog poop in a recycling bin.
  5. No groover dumping.
  6. No commercial dumping. Businesses should go to the Transfer Station.
  7. RVers should dump blackwater at an RV dump site. Sewer hoses required.

Poop Responsibly


A groover is a portable toilet that is recommended for day use river trips, and mandatory for overnight trips. Groovers are cleaned at an RV dump station or other sewage facility.

What can be put in a Groover?

  • Acceptable: solid human fecal matter waste, toilet paper, and urine
  • Unacceptable: wipes, "flushable" or not, food waste, rocks, kitty litter, clothing items, trash

The following webpages contain useful information regarding the use and cleaning of Groovers:

Vault Toilet Locations

Whenever possible, please use a vault toilet. Vault toilets are waterless toilets that collect waste in an underground tank or vault. These non-flush toilets are commonly found in remote areas like campgrounds, trailheads, national parks and on forest lands.

Vault Toilets

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