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Woman and child in Arches National Park

Sustainable Tourism in Moab


“MoabFirst” brings together the local community, business owners, land agencies, local Government Departments, and Grand County, Utah Stakeholders to develop the short-term and long-term Sustainable Tourism Criteria for Moab, Utah. Setting short and long term goals will allow the “MoabFirst” Sustainable Tourism Committee to plan, execute, and monitor the Criteria for the future of Moab, Grand County local community and its visitors.

Sustainable Tourism is defined by the United National World Tourism Organization as “ Tourism that takes full account of its current and future economic, social and environmental impacts, addressing the needs of visitors, the industry, the environment and host communities”.

Moab Sustainability

Moab gets visited by millions of people each year, so we have the opportunity to lead by example when it comes to sustainability.

ACT Campground and Learning Center in Moab, Utah is a green-integrated camp park that models the ways commercial or residential properties can be environmentally friendly.

Moab’s Plastic Bag Ban

The Moab City Council, in September 2018, voted unanimously to enact a ban on single-use, carry-out type plastic bags. The goal is to reduce the use of throwaway plastic products, particularly lightweight plastic bags, which are a litter problem and escape into waterways and oceans where they are harmful to animals and may enter the food chain as they degrade into smaller and smaller – but still plastic – pieces. The ban is another step toward the City meeting its goals as established in its “2020 Vision: A Sustainable Moab Plan,” which was passed by the Moab City Council in 2008.

The MoabFirst Event

The “MoabFirst” event took place on January 18, 2018, in front of the Moab Information Center. Grand County Economic Development gave away a reusable bag to anyone in Moab supporting the Moab City Plastic Bag Ban. This was the beginning of the “MoabFirst” Sustainable Tourism Program from Grand County Economic Development to appreciate, protect, and preserve all that we have here in Grand County.

MoabFirst Reuseable Bags

Do it Like a Local

“Do It like a Local” is a new effort for Moab that’s designed to be the start of a movement. Its obvious purpose is to help Moab visitors get the most out of their trip, but its deeper purpose is to gently educate Moab visitors on proper behavior, etiquette, and stewardship of the environment while they’re here.

The core idea is that Moab locals know what’s best: They know the best hiking trails. They know the best biking trails. They know the best stretches of river. They know the best places to eat. They know everything about Moab – which means they also know what’s best in regard to the proper care for Moab and the natural environment that surrounds it.

So be smart.
Be Informed.
Be courteous.
Be a good steward.

Do it Like a Moab Local

Learn more…

Moab’s Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Through a $50,000 grant from Rocky Mountain Power’s Plug-In Electric Vehicle Program, the City of Moab has installed 10 level 2 electric vehicle charging stations at five locations throughout the community. Plug-in electric vehicles can help substantially improve air quality because they have zero, or very little, tailpipe emissions. Conventional vehicles produce carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides. At level 2 stations, a vehicle can be fully charged in four-to-six hours.

Moab Recharging Station

The charging station initiative is part of an effort to transform the region’s transportation system by incentivizing the development of geographically dispersed charging infrastructure, increased energy security through reduced petroleum usage, and the implementation of reliable alternative transportation.

The new charging stations are located at:

  • ACT Campground, 1536 S. Mill Creek Drive
  • Adventure Inn, 512 N. Main St.
  • Center Street Gym, 203 E. Center St.
  • Moab Golf Course, 2705 East Bench Rd
  • Moab Springs Ranch, 1266 N. U.S. Highway 191
  • Rocky Mountain Power Office, 400 N 100 W

Tesla Supercharger Stations

In addition to the 10 level 2 electric vehicle charging stations, Moab also has 4 Tesla Supercharger stations. Superchargers provide Tesla vehicles with half a charge in about 20 minutes. The 4 stations are located at:

  • Best Western Plus Moab, 16 South Main St

Widespread vehicle electrification across the country could reduce greenhouse gas emissions by between 430 million metric tons and 550 million metric tons annually by 2050. In a recent study, the Utah Department of Transportation recorded an average of 13,000 vehicles at the intersection of Main and Center streets. If one percent of those vehicles were electric, an average of 124,800 pounds (62 tons) of air pollution could be avoided locally each year.

Moab’s Green to Gold Program

Green to Gold is sponsored by the City of Moab that offers simple solutions to help Moab businesses reduce their impact, save money and gain recognition for their achievements in energy and water conservation, waste reduction, alternative transportation and social responsibility. The businesses recognized for Green to Gold will receive a Green to Gold sign and businesses can also earn badges for their achievements in each of the categories. The Green to Gold businesses want to make a difference in our community and we ask that you support their efforts by visiting their business.

Businesses, churches and schools have been joining the new Green to Gold Program. Participants agree to address their impact through assessments, facility audits, and free training and rebate programs. The focus in 2018 has been water and energy. During the summer of 2018 partners saved 851,768 kWh, which is the equivalent of taking 136 cars off the road for a year or the annual CO2 emissions from 68 homes. Please support the partners that are helping to make Moab a more vibrant, healthy community:

Educational Facilities

  • Grand County High School
  • St. Francis Episcopal Church


  • Easy Bee
  • Red Moon Lodge
  • Youth Garden

Governmental Agencies

  • City of Moab
  • Solid Waste District
  • Grand County Economic Development


  • KZMU
  • Multicultural Center


  • 98 Café
  • Moonflower Coop
  • Desert Bistro
  • Red Rock Bakery and Cafe
  • Zax Wood Fired Pizza


  • Bike Fiend
  • Lost River Trading Co (Warehouse)
  • Moab Coffee Roosters
  • Moab Jett
  • Moab Landscape Maintenance
  • True Value
  • Ye ol Geezer
  • Zion National Bank


  • ACT Campground
  • Adventure Inn
  • Archway Inn
  • Hyatt
  • La Quinta
  • Moab Springs Ranch
  • SolGear


  • Poison Spider Bicycles
  • Red River Adventures

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