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Frequently Asked Questions


The landscape of southeastern Utah is like no other place on Earth. The ruggedly spectacular desert landscape and remote location of the adjoining towns often generates quite a few questions from first-time visitors. The following list was compiled from some of the most frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my ATV/UTV Street Legal?
Your vehicle must have (1) a license plate from your home state and (2) meet all of these requirements. If your home state does not issue license plates to ATV/UTVs, your vehicle cannot be street legal in Utah. If your vehicle is not street legal it must be trailered or towed to the trailheads.

Do I need a Utah Non-Resident OHV (Off Highway Vehicle) Permit?
If a street-legal ATV/UTV is registered and has a license plate from your home state, and it meets all of Utah’s street-legal requirements, then you do not need to purchase a Utah Non-Resident OHV Permit. If your vehicle is not street legal you need to purchase a permit either online or in town. Permits are available at the Moab Information Center or at either the North or South Maverik convenience stores in Moab. Permits are $30 and are good for a full year.

  • Are there any airports located near Moab?
  • Can I see Arches and Canyonlands National Park in a passenger car?
  • How long should I allow to see Arches and Canyonlands National Parks?
  • Is it worth visiting both Canyonlands National Park and Arches National Park?
  • Is there anywhere for me to leave my car for several days?
  • Are there any babysitting services in Moab?
  • Are there any supermarkets in Moab?
  • Are there any general merchandise stores in Moab?
  • Is there a hospital in Moab?
  • Is there a recycling center in Moab?
  • Are there any Automated Teller Machines in Moab?
  • What Gas Stations are located in Moab?
  • Are there any public tennis courts in Moab?
  • Can I hike with my pet?
  • Why are the trees along the Colorado River turning brown and what are those tiny beetles near the river?
  • Are there any health food stores in Moab?
  • Is there any live music at night in Moab?
  • What are the current road conditions in southern Utah?
  • I’ve been backcountry camping for over a week. Can I get a shower in Moab?
  • Is there anywhere in Moab to rent a satellite phone or 2-way radio?

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