corona arch

Corona Arch Trail

Length of Hike: 1.5 miles to Corona Arch; allow 2 hours round trip. Type of Hike: Constructed trail and slickrock. This is a hiking-only trail. Area Attractions: Corona Arch (140 by 105 foot opening) and adjacent Bow Tie Arch; also views of the Colorado River and a large slickrock canyon. Trailhead: Utah Scenic Byway 279, 10 miles west of Utah 279/U.S. 191 junction. Few hikes culminate with such wow as the Corona Arch Trail, but because of its proximity to Arches and Canyonlands National Parks it often gets overlooked. This 1.5 mile trail wanders over a slickrock landscape, marked with cairns, making it easy to follow. The trail gains 440 feet in elevation, most of it coming on a few short, steep scrambles equipped with steel cables (a trail version of handrails) for support. From the Corona Arch Trailhead, follow the trail as it climbs east to a BLM register and across the railroad tracks. After crossing the railroad tracks follow an old eroded road bed through a gap in the slickrock bench above. After reaching the top of the bench the route follows a trail of cairns (little piles of rock) northeast towards the base of a large sandstone cliff. Follow the base of the cliff east to a safety cable that protects a slightly exposed section of trail. Corona Arch is visible from this point. After the first safety cable continues to follow the base of the cliff to a second safety cable with steps carved into the sandstone. From the top of the steps continues east, climb a short ladder up over a ledge and follow the cairns up to the top of a large bench. From this point, it is easy to walk along the wide slickrock bench, beneath Bowtie Arch, and on to the base of Corona Arch. Along the way you’ll pass two other arches, Bowtie and Goldbar, before reaching unmistakable Corona Arch. The length of this trail and the need to climb ladders and use safety cables are things you need to consider when determining if your child is old enough and fit enough to accomplish. Children as young as five have done this trail without difficulty, while grown adults have not wanted to go up the second safety cable section. Due to lack of shade consider hiking this trail early morning or early evening.

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