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Accessibility in Moab

Accessible Park Trails and Facilities

Arches National Park

These areas are accessible to wheelchairs. All toilets in the park are accessible. Some trails are considered barrier free, which may contain minor obstacles, steeper grades, temporary washouts, and may require assistance. Rain and snow may cause ruts or other obstacles on the trail.

  • Park Avenue Viewpoint – Flat, paved surface to a viewpoint.
  • Balanced Rock – Flat, paved surface alongside Balanced Rock ends at a viewpoint.
  • Balanced Rock Picnic Area – Picnic area is paved. Toilets are across a gravel road. Toilets are accessible.
  • The Windows Trail – First 100 yards is flat, hardened surface and is considered barrier free. Nearby toilets, along a paved surface, are accessible.
  • Double Arch Trail – Relatively flat, hard-packed trail is considered barrier free.
  • Panorama Point – Viewpoint, picnic area, and stargazing area have paved surfaces. Toilets are accessible. Benches are available.
  • Delicate Arch Viewpoint – Viewpoint has a flat, packed gravel surface. Picnic area and sidewalks are paved. Toilets are accessible.
  • Wolfe Ranch – Path to Wolfe Ranch and petroglyph panel are flat with a gravel surface. Toilets are accessible.
  • Devils Garden Campground Amphitheater – Paved path connects parking area to the amphitheater with a view of Skyline Arch.
  • Devils Garden – Trail to Landscape Arch has a hard-packed surface and is considered barrier free, however the trail has steep slopes and may require assistance. Picnic area and trailhead have paved surfaces and accessible toilets.

Canyonlands National Park – Island in the Sky District

Canyonlands National Park has several areas that are accessible for people with physical or mobility disabilities. The road at Island in the Sky passes many accessible viewpoints and facilities.

Programs and Tours

  • Geology talks are offered at Grand View Point. A paved sidewalk leads from the parking lot to the program location, which is located off the sidewalk on a gravel surface. Seating on large boulders is available. Accessible toilets are nearby.
  • Rangers offer patio talks on the front porch of Island in the Sky Visitor Center. The area is paved and accessible to wheelchairs. Accessible toilets are nearby.


Island in the Sky Campground has one accessible campsite and nearby pit toilet. The campsite is reserved at all times for people with disabilities only. The campsite is paved with the exception of the tent pad, which is dirt. Paths to the toilet and campsite payment station are paved.

Trails and Facilities

These overlooks are accessible for people using a wheelchair:

  • Buck Canyon Overlook
  • Green River Overlook
  • Grand View Point Overlook
  • All toilets at Island in the Sky are accessible.

Dead Horse Point State Park

  • Wheelchair Accessible Restrooms
  • Wheelchair Accessible Visitor Center/Gift Shop with Elevator for Access to All Floors
  • Designated Wheelchair Accessible Parking Spaces
  • Wheelchair Accessible Pathways at Scenic Vistas Around Park
  • Wheelchair Accessible Viewpoint at Dead Horse Point
  • Designated Wheelchair Accessible Reservable Campsite
  • Wheelchair Accessible Day Use Pavilions
  • Wheelchair Accessible Yurt
  • Braille Astronomy Materials for Star Party and Dark Sky Program Attendees

Guided Tours for Wheelchair Users

The presence of a wheelchair poses no obstacle to experiencing the remarkable backcountry surrounding Moab, thanks to the expertise of one of Moab’s seasoned guide companies. With their expert guidance, everyone, regardless of mobility challenges, can partake in the exploration of the spectacular public lands nestled in and around our national parks. An experienced guide plays a pivotal role in ensuring that the awe-inspiring scenery is accessible to all, turning the potential limitation of a wheelchair into an opportunity for inclusive and enriching adventures in the stunning landscapes of Moab.

For more information regarding wheelchair friendly tours, visit Big Iron Tours.

Places like the National Ability Center can help people of all ability levels access the best of Moab’s outdoor recreational activities. Learn more about the National Ability Center at discovernac.org

State of Utah

  • If you are looking for accessible adventures throughout the state of Utah, check the Utah Office of Tourism’s Accessible Utah page.

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