Moab 4-Wheeling

Moab is a must visit destination for those who love off road adventure.


The Moab area’s beauty, history, and, hundreds of miles of old mining roads and 4×4 trails make it a place that will never be forgotten. Visitors can bring their own vehicle, rent a jeep, or take a tour with one of Moab’s experienced guides. Moab has a full range of backcountry trails, from easy 2-wheel drive backcountry scenic drives to the ultimate in challenging 4-wheel drive trails, providing an opportunity for all to experience the beauty and solitude of an off road adventure. Trails such as Secret Spire and Chicken Corners are great for beginners, while Pritchett Canyon and Golden Spike will get the adrenaline pumping in even the most experienced drivers. Always obtain the most up-to-date information prior to departing for a trip, and be prepared. Remember, turning back is usually an option as well. Please choose your trail wisely, with honest appraisal of your equipment and experience in this terrain. Additional suggested trails are available on . Once you arrive in Moab, detailed 4 wheel drive maps and trail guides are available at the Moab Information Center (MIC), on the corner of Main & Center Streets. The MIC staff is always happy to assist you with your plans and provide information about current trail conditions. The trails described on this page were selected because they are close to Moab and short enough for a partial-day trip. Among the trails is a variety of scenery and a range of challenge to the off-highway abilities of vehicle and driver. The map shows trail locations; the chart gives distances, difficulty, and minimum time to drive each trail without stops.


4W driving difficulty is hard to describe objectively. Opinions vary, and an individual’s judgment may change considerably as he gains experience. The easiest of these trails is suitable for stock high-clearance four-wheel drive vehicles. The most difficult (Moab Rim) is barely passable to first-rate off-road equipment. The other trails are well within the capabilities of stock four-wheel-drive trucks and utility vehicles.

Trail Marking

The primitive nature of 4WD trails makes them hard to mark and keep marked. On some, routes are obscure, while on others, the roads are clear enough but the many unnamed junctions are confusing. Storms can alter roads and remove tracks, while vandals can spoil the markings. Nevertheless, a sign has been placed to identify each trail a short way into the trail. After that, routes and junctions are marked in ways appropriate for the terrain, wooden posts may have a “trail” sign, slickrock may have painted symbols, and most areas will have cairns -small rock piles-to show the route. Topographic maps provide additional help and add to the enjoyment of off-road travel.

Biological Soil Crust

Help to keep all of our trails open. Protect this fragile, but crucial, soil by remaining on designated roads, routes and trails at all times. Biological soil crust, also known as cryptobiotic soil, is the foundation of desert plant life. This black, knobby crust is made up of many different living organisms and plays a vital role in maintaining the desert ecosystem. However, this sensitive soil is extremely fragile and can take decades to grow. Even a footstep can damage the crust for decades, having lasting impacts on the desert environment. Please stay on the trials. Help to protect this fragile life by remaining on designated roads, routes, and trails at all times. Where hiking trails are not established, hike in sandy washes or on bare rock.


moab trails
  • Chicken Corners
  • Gemini Bridges
  • Poison Spider Mesa Trail
  • Moab Rim Trail
  • Red Rock 4-Wheelers Moab Trails Summary
For trail assistance once you get into Moab, stop by the Moab Information Center for help with selecting the perfect trail for your backcountry adventure. The information center also keeps track of the latest trail conditions.

Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Motorized Travel Routes

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