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Free Event Listing Submission Form

These events must meet the criteria listed below. These events may also be used in our social media outlets.

Criteria to be included on

  • Events should be of general interest to the traveling public, drawing new visitors from outside the immediate area (more than 50 miles)
  • Events must be open to the public as participants or spectators, not just to organization members or pass holders
  • Events must provide full contact information, including a phone number

Events that will not be included on

  • Events geared toward local residents (church, civic and community meetings/functions, school events, etc.)
  • Events directed toward a limited (less than 50 people) or a very specific audience
  • Seminars or workshops
  • Meals (dinners, breakfasts, etc.) except those mentioned in the description of a larger event

The purpose of these criteria is to better facilitate the listing of events pertinent to the promotion of travel and tourism.  The Moab Area Travel Council reserves the right to accept or reject any listing, to edit listings for grammar, length and clarity, and to remove any listing without notice.  Entries will be listed at the sole discretion of the Moab Area Travel Council, following the guidelines and criteria listed above.  The Moab Area Travel Council reserves the right to make exceptions to these criteria on a case by case basis.

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