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Bega Metzner Elected to Prestigious AFCI Board

The Association of Film Commissioners International (AFCI) has proudly announced the election of Bega Metzner, Commissioner of the Moab to Monument Valley Film Commission, to its esteemed board.

Founded in 1975, AFCI stands as the premier global non-profit professional organization, uniting 300 city, state, regional, provincial, and national film commission members across six continents. The organization is dedicated to providing advocacy, connectivity, and education essential for film commissions and businesses in the screen sector. AFCI’s mission is to foster economic growth, lay the groundwork for robust infrastructure, and offer the necessary tools for professional development in a fair, sustainable, and socially diverse manner worldwide.

Bega Metzner’s election to the AFCI board is a testament to her outstanding contributions to the film industry and her commitment to advancing the goals of film commissions globally. As Commissioner of the Moab to Monument Valley Film Commission, Metzner has demonstrated exemplary leadership, promoting economic growth and professional development within the film, television, and new media sectors in southeastern Utah, representing Grand and San Juan Counties.

Bega MetznerBega Metzner

Southeastern Utah Film Production
Westworld Production Photo courtesy of HBO

The film, television, and new media industry play a pivotal role in global economic growth, injecting hundreds of millions of dollars annually into production, post-production, and VFX work. A tentpole feature film, for example, can infuse well over $250,000 per day into a local economy, while large national or international television commercials can generate local spending of up to $1 million in less than two weeks. This economic impact resonates across various sectors, benefiting local hotels, car and truck rentals, catering services, local cast and crew, and numerous other businesses.

Furthermore, film production has a ripple effect, positively influencing sustained growth in tourism. The collaborative efforts of film commissions worldwide, facilitated by AFCI, contribute to the creation of an environment that fosters creativity, economic prosperity, and cultural exchange.

As Bega Metzner takes her seat on the AFCI board in 2024, the organization looks forward to leveraging her expertise and passion for the industry to continue advocating for the global impact of film commissions. Her election reinforces AFCI’s commitment to promoting a thriving and inclusive film industry on a worldwide scale.

For more information about AFCI and its initiatives, please visit afci.org. For additional information about filming in Moab, visit filmmoab.com. The Moab to Monument Valley Film Commission, the longest continuously running film commission in the world, will be celebrating its 75th anniversary in 2024.

Moab to Monument Valley Film Commission

Moab to Monument Valley Film Commission

The Moab to Monument Valley Film Commission holds the title of the longest running film commission in the world. Harkening back to the days of John Wayne and the classic western, the Moab area has been a popular destination for feature length films, commercials, and television shows for almost 75 years. In 1949, John Ford first ventured out from the iconic Monument Valley to film along the majestic Colorado River Corridor. Seeing that the production employed almost all of Moab’s 1,500 residents, local rancher George White founded the film commission to promote movie making in the area and establish a local crew base and production services.

For information on filming in the area, get in touch with the Moab to Monument Valley Film Commission by visiting FILMMOAB.COM or calling 435-260-0097.

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